Glenn Farley

Glenn Farley is the guitar player in Troy Marks and No Idea. He brings a versatility to the music  with a dizzying array of guitar sounds. From nice bluesy leads, to melodic leads, to classic rock punch, Glenn has mastered many guitar styles to cover the wide variety of the band.

Glenn Farley, a native of New Orleans began playing guitar at the age of eleven. His first instrument was the drums, but he soon realized his  talent was on the six stringed axe. Self taught and practicing endlessly, he began sitting in with bands at the ripe old age of thirteen. After forming his  first official group and winning his Junior High talent show, Glenn realized his  calling was to in fact, be a professional musician. Although he excelled in academics and sports while in high school , his burning love for music was a  flame that could not be extinguished. After graduating high school and playing  in numerous bands, Glenn met up with singer Troy Marks Creative sparks and a  love for music and professionalism created a close bond that has endured over the years.

Touring many major cities and opening shows for signed artists, Glenn and  Troy build a very important foundation for their future musical career. Glenn is  a graduate of the University of New Orleans and has also been teaching music for over ten years. His solid rhythmic playing and melodic leads lends a major part  to the Troy Marks and No Idea sound. Glenn currently resides in Metairie where he still instructs guitar part-time while playing with the band. If there is one thing he could say about his love for music and playing in the band it would be, ” It’s all about the people!