Troy Marks and No Idea was AWESOME at my wedding! Best band in NOLA!!!! They are incredibly talented, have an amazing roster of songs to pull from, and are just easy to work with. They went out of their way to make sure that they made my dance party vision come through. While I love traditional NOLA brass/funk as much as the next bride, I wanted a band that was versatile enough to play a wide mix of hits, including top 40 dance tunes.....and a party we did in fact have! The surprise hit of the night was the impromptu conversation I head with the band during one of their breaks - upon learning I loved 80s songs - they came up with the most incredible 80s set that the crowd could not get enough of. To this day my friends keep asking me how I found such an incredible band. From Journey, to Little Richard, to Beyonce, to Lady Gaga - they can do it and they nail it! Doesn't sound cheesy at all and they can totally read the vibe of the crowd. Not only do they read the vibe of the crowd, but they get people engaged....and I truly believe there is a fine line with this....it can be done in a cheesy, annoying way, but Troy Marks and No Idea does it just right and leaves everyone wanting more! I would not change a single element of my wedding and I Troy Marks and No Idea was a huge reason my wedding was so memorable for so many of my friends. I can go on and on about how incredible, agreeable, and talented this group of individuals is, but it still won't be enough. If you are looking to have an awesome time at your wedding and want to dance the night away, you absolutely can't go wrong with this band! Your friends will be talking about it for months after! I heart Troy Marks and No Idea! Thank youfor making my wedding such an amazing experience!!! Now to find another excuse to have a huge party and hire you guys.... :)

S Ghadessy

Where do I even begin??!! Troy Marks and No Idea is absolutely everything you're looking for in a band. They are affordable, great and easy to work with, and obviously play great music. They can play any song from any genre, as I'm sure you've already read. They are willing to learn new songs for you, and they are consistently learning new ones weekly. I was definitely a laid back bride whose main concern was that my wedding was fun, enjoyable, and memorable for all of my family and friends in attendance, and Troy Marks and No Idea did not disappoint!!

The dance floor was never empty, and people of all ages were having a blast. We even hired them for an extra hour because so many guests wanted them to keep playing, and I even played the drums on stage while my bridesmaids sang and danced!! People were approaching me all night long asking where I found this magnificent band from, and people still bring them up in conversation months after the wedding. Did I mention how easy they are to work with?!

Planning a wedding can be stressful for everyone involved, and anything that makes the process easier should be applauded and is worth looking into. Jesse, one of the singers in the band, is the person you would be working with, and she is also AMAZING!! She took so much pressure off of me as the bride because I never really had a doubt in my mind that my wedding band would be everything I had ever wanted it to be. Also, being a bride that didn't really know much while planning, reviews were a big help for me. Therefore, the sole purpose of me writing this review is to help future brides by making their choice for a wedding band easier. Rest assured, if you are looking for a great and fun wedding band, Troy Marks and No Idea is worth every penny!!!

J Ledet

I went to a wedding before I was even engaged and my boyfriend (at the time...) took their card and information and said that we are having them at our wedding... well, we were engaged 3 months later and they were the first vendor I called. I had to have them play at our reception. Jesse, one of the singers, was a great person to discuss details and very quick with responses. I had them booked the minute I decided on a date and venue. I was very lucky they were available! I think I honestly would have considered changing my date if they had been booked!

They are absolutely incredible! The songs they play are well-versed and great for everyone's music tastes and age range. Rap, country, oldies, slow, dance, etc... You name it and they know it. Our dance floor was never empty due to the great music they played for us. They played every song we had requested on our song list and the best song was our first dance. They played "Then" by Brad Paisley, and it honestly sounded like Brad Paisley! One of our guests said that a few times during the reception they actually thought the real artist was playing the song. Troy Marks and No Idea is absolutely great and I would recommend them to anyone! Crowd pleasers and great fun to work with!

A Howell

I found Troy Marks and No Idea because they were doing a sound check when I was touring my venue. I asked for a card and got a quote. There were two other bands that I was considering, but they had the best rate. I checked them out at a live performance, and they sounded great. I knew that my guests would love them and that they would get people on the dance floor, and I wasn't disappointed! They were amazing and a huge hit. They really made the wedding a great event in a way that a DJ couldn't.

M Diasselliss

Troy Marks and No Idea at our wedding was AWESOME! We had a destination wedding and they traveled for us because we had seen them before and thought they were so much fun, and they could not have been better the night of our wedding. They went from one song to the next without pausing and playing the perfect songs and the perfect timing. They're prices are great and they are a wonderful band to work with!! Thanks Troy Marks and No Idea!

J Lusco

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